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How to Learn Astrology Quickly?

In this article you will learn how to avoid the barriers to learning astrology and suggestions that will enable you can learn astrology more rapidly. Over the next few weeks you will build your knowledge of the basics of astrology, the zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects and impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge.

The Five Barriers to Learning Astrology

As mentioned previously the birth chart is a snapshot (birth date, location and time of birth) of the heavens comprising of four celestial themes, zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects that form a complex unique psychological map and unfolding narrative trajectory. The birth chart is constructed from a series of concentric circles with the astrological signs (outer circle - ecliptic), planets (inner circle - ecliptic), houses (segments) and planetary aspects often shown by different types of lines in the centre circle (earth). Planets (psychological traits) are express through the astrological signs (motivation) and houses (different life experiences). However, when the student sees an astrological birth chart for the first time it looks like a foreign language with unfamiliar symbols located within segments of concentric circles. We shall now identify the key barriers to learning the basic principles of astrology.

1) Students can be overwhelmed and confused by the abundance of astrological learning resources (e.g. courses, blogs, videos, textbooks, videos, webinars) and don’t have enough astrological knowledge to determine what is misleading or quality content. Unless students have enrolled on a certified astrological course (e.g. Faculty of Astrological Studies) many students take much longer to learn the basics of astrology through self-learning and often encounter a fragmented learning experience which can be based on misinformation of astrological themes.

2) Students often try and learn advanced astrological techniques before they have developed a sound knowledge of the basic principles of astrology. Advanced techniques include the following: defining future trends using secondary progressions, transits and solar returns; horary astrology (answering questions), relocation astrology (creating your birth chart for a different location), synastry (relationships) or extending astrological meaning-making beyond the planets (e.g. asteroids, moons nodes, parts of fortune). When students attempt to use these advanced astrological techniques without sound knowledge in the basic principles of astrology, they become confused or develop a poor understanding of astrological themes, leading to assumptions, poor judgment in birth chart analysis.

3) There are many well written astrological textbooks by professional astrologers that are well illustrated but don’t use neuroscience techniques to accelerate or optimise learning.

4) The meaning-making of the zodiac signs are based on Greek mythology, myths and philosophy which is confusing, for example, the constellation Aries is represented by the ram which is associated with Greek myth the golden fleece. However, the golden fleece itself does not conjure up thoughts about the personality characteristics of Aries, even though the golden fleece has a connection with the Greek god Ares, the god of war. Furthermore, Ares the god of war is limited to his personality characteristics of aggression, war and conflict. While Greek and Roman mythological stories provide a philosophical approach to meaning making of the signs, planets and asteroids they can be incomplete and confusing to the student.

5) Astrological learning resources predominantly use text which is one learning style whereas astrological interpretation is known as an art form which cannot be easily learned just using text and a logical mind set.

When we combine these five barriers together it is not surprising that present day learning techniques reduce students learning performance, motivation and potentially create a poor understanding of astrological themes. I have overcome these learning barriers by designing an astrological learning system that takes into consideration the latest neuroscience research about improving learning and engages the students and ignites their curiosity and enables them to accelerate their learning of the basic principles of astrology. By reading my articles on the zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects you will learn astrology more quickly because you learn by reading short articles that use keywords and defines associations between zodiac signs with planets and houses to make is easier for you to learn the basics of astrology.

The next article will help you gain knowledge of the twelve zodiac signs personality characteristics through the lens of four elements fire, earth, air and water. You will discover what signs have similar characteristics and signs that have least in common. This article will enable you to quickly grasp the basics of the zodiac signs very quickly.

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