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Technological Advancements in Astrology

Over the last decade it has become very easy to calculate the astrological birth chart using astrological software. This is a great advantage to students learning astrology because it saves them time learning how to calculate a birth date using the traditional method of an ephemeris (sign and planetary calculations), atlas (identifying birth location) and tables of houses (finding the rising sign and twelve houses) and then drawing up the birth chart.

In the 1990’s working at psychic fayres as a professional astrologer I was able to calculate a birth chart manually from any location in the world and draw the birth chart in fifteen minutes which was quite an achievement as many others it would take at least sixty minutes. Calculating a birth chart though is not as complex as learning to interpret a birth chart (zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects) which requires many hours/years of practice, dedication and self-discipline. Until you grasp sufficient understanding of the basic principles of astrology, develop interpretive and storytelling skills and an intuitive connection with the birth chart you are likely to feel frustrated when interpreting a birth chart because of its contradictions.

From a technology perspective, in the future the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning will create interesting opportunities for learning astrology more effectively and enable astrologers to carry out empirical astrological research using big data. Outcomes of this research would lead to a dramatic improvement and consistency in birth chart analysis and interpretation. Unfortunately, at present AI, machine learning and big data is mainly being used to develop astrology apps that use existing knowledge of astrology to deliver astrological readings to your mobile phone. This new business trend is being funded by venture capitalists in the USA who wish to tap into the $2.8 billion new age industries rather than using this technology for research and innovate to create new astrological themes and a system that optimises chart analysis-interpretation skills consistently.

Information Overload Confuses Astrology Students

The internet has also changed the way access and consume information about astrology, whether you want to calculate your birth chart using your birth date, location and time of birth, explore many different astrology themes from basic principles of astrology: zodiac signs, planets, house division and aspects to advanced astrology techniques such as midpoint theory, harmonics, horary astrology, relocation astrology, synastry, progressions and transits. However, modern technology has done little to accelerate students learning to understand the basic principles of astrology even though there is an abundance of information online such as blogs, courses, articles, books, videos and podcasts. One of the main problems is the abundance of information online and offline about all aspects of astrology. Also, the student does not have the expertise in astrology to know what is relevant to their learning requirements or how to identify misleading information.

If students are fortunate to have the resources and commitment, they can take certified astrology course from recognised well-established organisations like the Faculty of Astrological Studies who were formed in 1948. However, even well-respected and established astrology courses may not offer learning tools or processes that can accelerate learning of astrology. Moreover, courses are confined to the limitations of the birth chart rather than exploring additional innovative tools that could accelerate student learning of the basic principles of astrology and offer a creative way of developing astrological interpretation using storytelling skills that synchronise astrological zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects at an emotional level that increases memory recall and understanding.

The next article will help you learn the basic principles of astrology (the zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects) quickly that define your celestial DNA.

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